Play before Yuckies

Saturday we went to the neighborhood picnic and I had a blast playing on the playground. I even won a backpack full of school supplies! I was SO silly about it when my number was called. I acted really shy but was grinning from ear to ear. I am so proud of my new backpack. Oh, I also got new shoes. My first REAL pair of shoes that aren’t hand-me-downs. I was so excited I came home and put them on ALL BY MYSELF and proceeded to run about 50 laps around the kitchen-dining room-living room. I refused o take them off! I love my new shoes! 🙂

Sunday we spent the day at the playground. I had a lot of fun but got really fussy towards the end of our time.


A was just grumpy all day on Sunday. I woke Mommy up at 6am on Monday morning saying something about my throat was yuckie. Mommy gave me a sippy of water and went back to bed. Ten minutes later I screamed for her again and my bed was soaked. I blamed it on the water in my mouth and sippy cup. Mommy cleaned it all up and tucked me back in. ten minutes later I called for Mommy again. I wanted out of bed. Reluctantly Mommy pulled me down out of bed and i started vomit. She got me to the bathroom ad got me cleaned up. This went on for 6 more hours. I was throwing up in a bucket and very accurate.

I fell asleep on the living room floor at 11:30 and took a nice 2 hour nap. When I awoke I inhaled two waffles, crackers, a cup of water. Thirty Minutes later I downed mangos and ore crackers. I guess that was the end of that stomach virus!

I am feeling back to normal now and being such a goof! 🙂

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