Today we went to the YMCA with the neighbor kids. I saw for 20 minutes and then got really cold. I wanted out so Mommy sat with me on the side of the pool all wrapped up in a blanket. It was only 65F outside. After the whistle for the lifeguard break we grabbed a snack and then went back in the pool. I stayed in for 45 minutes and was an ICE POP when we were done. Mommy quickly got me changed and then sat me under the hand dryer in the bathroom. I warmed up and dried my hair out. I felt much better after the warm air.

When we got home I went down for a nap without mush fuss…. EXHAUSTED!


Fun Day at the park

Mommy was trying to wear us out so we both took a nap and got back on schedule for our sleeping. I ran and played very hard at the playground.


I loved the rocking whale!


After a 2 hour nap we played outside until dinner. I was SUPER hungry! I managed to scarf down half a bag of popcorn, 50 tortellini, a cookie, ice cream and more popcorn. Once again I REFUSED to go to bed. Finally at 10pm I started to wear out and was asleep by 10:30.

3 Hour Nap?

Unheard of in my life. I napped for THREE hours today. I was so tired and really needed the sleep… only drawback is that I woke up at 5pm. That is a bit too late to get me to bed at a decent hour.

Mommy tucked me in bed at 8pm along with Breighton. We goofed around for an hour and he eventually fell asleep. Then I started my “game”. How many times can i sneak out to Mommy and Grandma Susie. The game went on for an hour. Mommy re-tucking me in… sometimes I would just wander back to bed by myself. I was really quiet. My blue night light kept shutting off so I would bring it to Mommy to have her fix it. I guess I was betting bored with that game. Suddenly I decided to put my night-night on my head so I looked like a ghost. I grabbed my blue light and put it under the blanket with me. I wandered into the living room again but this time as a GHOST and saying “Muuuuu haaaaaahaaaaaaaa”. Mommy and Grandma were trying to hold back the laughter. I never said a word and quietly wandered back towards bed but the blanket fell off half way back and I redressed as my ghost and went to bed.

I finally fell asleep at 10:30! Three hours past bedtime!

B and I woke up at 6:15 today so Mommy has been trying to wear us out so we can take a good nap today.

Sleep Over?

Mommy allowed Breighton and I to share a bed tonight because we begged really hard, loud and long. I had the safety rail just in case. Breighton was on the other side so I wouldn’t fall out that way. It took about an hour and Breighton fell asleep. I just kept kicking his head and side…. even when he was sleeping!!! Mommy came in and told me there were no more chances that I HAD to close my eyes and go to bed or I had to sleep on the floor. I finally gave up about 2 hours after being tucked in.

We slept until 7:15am so that was good. Mommy said we can try it again tonight. We like to cuddle! 🙂


Water Fun

Mommy put out the pool and slip and slide today because it was so hot outside. Ohio is not used to 90+ temperatures. there was actually a heat index here today!

I loved playing in the kiddie pool and watering all the plants with the water.


Breighton told me to pour the water outside the pool and it would make mud. What an influence he has on me.


I eventually went near the slip and slide and just played with the spraying water. Mommy shut it off for a while and I got comfy and then was running down and falling on my tush and then laughing hysterically. Grandma Susie was mowing the lawn and came to sit down and cool off on the slip and slide.