3 Hour Nap?

Unheard of in my life. I napped for THREE hours today. I was so tired and really needed the sleep… only drawback is that I woke up at 5pm. That is a bit too late to get me to bed at a decent hour.

Mommy tucked me in bed at 8pm along with Breighton. We goofed around for an hour and he eventually fell asleep. Then I started my “game”. How many times can i sneak out to Mommy and Grandma Susie. The game went on for an hour. Mommy re-tucking me in… sometimes I would just wander back to bed by myself. I was really quiet. My blue night light kept shutting off so I would bring it to Mommy to have her fix it. I guess I was betting bored with that game. Suddenly I decided to put my night-night on my head so I looked like a ghost. I grabbed my blue light and put it under the blanket with me. I wandered into the living room again but this time as a GHOST and saying “Muuuuu haaaaaahaaaaaaaa”. Mommy and Grandma were trying to hold back the laughter. I never said a word and quietly wandered back towards bed but the blanket fell off half way back and I redressed as my ghost and went to bed.

I finally fell asleep at 10:30! Three hours past bedtime!

B and I woke up at 6:15 today so Mommy has been trying to wear us out so we can take a good nap today.

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