Just Call Me Crash

We had a fun last few days. Our family of four and our friends Miss Lynn and Zachary went to Lake Mary for the huge Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale. I had a fun time looking at Curious George books while Mommy shopped. Daddy pushed around Breighton and then we all met up and merged our books. Afterwards we went to Chick-fil-a for some late lunch. I was having a fun time in the play area and then suddenly was at the door screaming. Daddy let me out and I ran right to Mommy. Mommy gave me some TLC and then checked me over. I had 2 huge bumps on my head. One on my cheek that I indicated to Daddy happened when I fell off the bench in the play area. The other bump mush have been from the handle on the play area and it was on my temple. Both swelled up pretty good. After a little ice on the head and some of Daddy’s milkshake I was fine.

We got to the hotel and headed to the swimming pool. I had a blastin the kiddie pool while Breighton, Zachary, Mommy and Miss Lynn went to the big pool.


I loved playing with these rings. They are part of a Twister game that was apparently left out by mistake.


I was having fun “Elmo jumping” into the pool. ONE- TWO- THREE ELMO!!!! JUMP!


Daddy kept telling me that it wasn’t a good idea and that I needed to stop.


Okay Daddy, one last jump!


I listened well for a few minutes and then went back to jumping.


I managed to slip and to head first into the edge of the pool. After a few minutes I had a HUGE HUGE HUGE lump on my head! Mommy snuggled me and made me feel all better.

I eventually was fine and got through the rest of the evening. I enjoyed out boat trip to Downtown Disney and playing at the Lego store.

I had a rough night in the hotel and kept Mommy up most of the night.

Today we got up late (well I was up early!) and headed to Animal Kingdom to watch the final Atlantis Shuttle launch. We have a great viewing spot that we have been to before. While waiting for the shuttle to go up I was watching the turtles and fish in the lake. I wanted a closed look and managed to get my head stuck between the rails and a cement pillar. What a rough few days on me.



I did manage to find some fun playing in the digging dino bones area. Zachary and Breighton shared space and tolerated my climbing on them.


I did decide that my shoes were the ULTIMATE play toy!


I had a great time but I am ready for my own bed and the comfort of my house.

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