Swimming Un-Lessons

Tonight we started lessons at the YMCA. Breighton went first and I hung out with Mommy on the steps. I had a fun time splashing and giggling and holding the wall and kicking water at Mommy.

When Breighton was done and it was my turn I immediately burst into tears, screams and near hyperventilating cries! The teacher tried for a good 10-15 minutes to get me calm but I was just not happy and wanted NOTHING to do with it! Mommy decided that I just wasn’t ready at this point and that maybe Mommy will just have to teach me or we will wait until next summer. I love the water and really like being in the pool but on my terms and I have to be in control!

So I guess I am officially an unschooler when it comes to swimming.

Sorry there are no photos of me screaming to show the therapist in years to come but Mommy was in the water with me and we don’t have a personal camera crew!

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