Fighting with the BED

This is my first vacation without the port-a-crib. Mommy put me to sleep on an air mattress at the end of the bed. The first night I managed to sleep the entire night but woke up with half my body in a hole!

photo 3.jpg

The next night I managed to roll off the other side and get into a small hole and wind up UNDER the big bed. I got stuck! Mommy was able to pull me by my feet and get me out and back to bed.

The next night I rolled off the end of the bed but got myself back up and back to sleep.

Last night the neighbor came by with the old bed-rail that Great Granny used to use a long time ago. Mommy put that between my air mattress and the big bed. Mommy also built a pile of pillows along the right side to keep me from sliding off. I made it through the night without any incidents! Hopefully the worst is past for me and the air-mattress. I seem to nap just fine on it! 🙂

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