Easter Morning 2010

I heard Breighton wake up before the sunshine today. I climbed in bed with Mommy and went back to sleep. It was even too early for me. I woke up at 7am and went out to the kitchen for breakfast. I didn’t even notice that the Easter Bunny had visited. I gobbled down my Easter bread french toast that I dipped in ketchup… because that is how strange I am! After breakfast Mommy took me to the living room where Breighton was bouncing up and down with excitment for me to SEE my Easter basket. I checked it out for a few minutes and then noticed that there were eggs hidden around the room!


Mommy gave me a plastic sack and turned me loose to find my 20 eggs. I had a wonderful time!


I was very careful to put all the eggs in the sack.


When I found an egg I jumped and giggled and got really excited!!


Then I realized they had things IN them!


Each egg I found required opening before it went in the bag. My face lit up with each new piece of candy or little toy!


I tried a “bit o honey” but It was a bit too chewy for me. Mommy said she will just have to eat them for me!



Part of my stash.


Then I discovered an egg full of jelly beans and that was it. I sat and ate them all. YUMMY!


In my Easter basket I had: lego car, bug cage, play-doh, mini kite, punchball and a few other things. I loved my candy! I can’t wait to eat the rock candy and more honey sticks.

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