Big Boy Bed Update

From Mommy:

Well, it has been 4 nights in the big boy bed. I use the term “in” VERY loosely! NIght one went super! Emmerson was exhausted from the day and went down in about 20 minutes. Then in the middle of the night he discovered he could climb out. Then the separation anxiety from Mommy kicked in. After many many many failed attempts at getting him back to bed I gave up and curled up with him. The next day we were on our way home for nap and he fell asleep in the car. We put him in bed and he slept for 20 minutes. DONE! Next day same process but worse night. Yesterday we went to Animal Kingdom for the day and he never napped. Last night was HORRID! Emmerson nursed to sleep but was up 4 times screaming and banging on his bedroom door. Finally I gave up and curled up with him on the mattress on the floor. He is miserable because he is so tired. He has little baby bags under his eyes. His mood, well it SUCKS! Today at naptime Emmerson threw a horrid fit. Screaming and rolling on the floor. banging on the door for over an hour. Obviously I kept checking on him for safety and making sure he was okay. Just ANGRY!

David put back on the old crib rail, THANKS DAVID! Emmerson was put into bed and was out within about 10 minutes of mild cries and whimpers. That is the normal sleep pattern. Apparently this is not the time for a big boy bed. Safety concerns are still a top thought. As long as we get him quickly after naps and night he should be okay. He has never put the foot on the top rails unless we dont get him right away.


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