Animal Kingdom Get-A-Way

We took a day trip over to Animal Kingdom to enjoy one of the last days of summer before Breighton started VPK.

I was extremely eager to visit the petting zoo.


But I wasn’t too sure of the animals. They are a bit frightening to me. Mommy tried to hold me and show me it was safe. I was okay with that.


As soon as she set me down I panicked and tried to run away… FAST!


Mommy sat with me on the bench while Breighton brushed the sheep and goats. I was 100% okay with that!


I met a rather large bug! I gave him a high-five and a kiss.


Nothing like high-five to a monkey!


After a fun morning we went to Downtown Disney to run off some energy in the spray fountains! I tried my hardest to keep up with all the big kids. Mommy said thank goodness my shoes are neon orange or she would have lost me!


Some of the kids too a break but not B and I! 🙂 We kept going and going and going…


Getting tired and distracted. I wanted to know where the water was coming from. This lead to an eventual blast of water in the face!


I didn’t nap all day! I was having too much fun!

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