What is a Florida boy to do in 58F weather?

We hit the mall and enjoyed time at the play area. It didn’t last long as it was soon overrun by camp kids. Oh well, I still got to drive the little car.


Mommy took Breighton and me to Boardman Park for some outside time. It was cold (58F)and wet but we had a nice nature walk in the woods. We saw LOTS of birds, squirrels and possibly a fox?


That afternoon after nap time I fed the squirrels their corn-on-the-cob. It was VERY important that I brushed it off and made it really clean for them.


Of course, we feel them in the DIRT! 🙂


The neighbor girl brought over some of her Ohio Tree Frogs to show Breighton. I was totally fascinated with them.


She even let me hold them. I was really gentle. But I did freak out when one jumped onto my shirt.


I can’t wait to have pets like Breighton does. But I think I will be happy with the stuffed kind that doesn’t jump on you for right now.

Lake Erie Adnvetures

Today we took a drive up to Lake Erie. I got to see the old cottage that Mommy used to spend her summers in while she was little. She said things were a LOT different now. We then went to the pulbic beach in Geneva to pick rocks and play in the chilly waters. I had my little blue bucket and immediately started picking up rocks to save.


This was fascinating to me.


Mommy snuck in for a quick photo op. But if you look, I NEVER took my eyes off the rocks.


There were so many to choose from!


nearly full bucket.


ROCK! I called it a “ball”. probably because that is one of my only words! Everything is a ball today!


Showing Grandma Susie all my rocks. Next thing you know, she fell in! HUH!?


Grnamda said, “What they heck, might as well rinse off after the fall!”


All cleaned up, except one wet Grandma.


Off to Madsen Donuts, a family MUST-DO! Breighton and I waited outside while Mommy bought a few donuts.


I LOVED the cake donut. Next time I want one with all that filling and frosting! OKAY!?


I watched as Breighton played a round of mini-golf.


On the way home we stopped at Ashtabula Harbour to see the boats. But the boats don’t come up the canal anymore. Once again, “things have changed”.


I enjoyed a lounge on Mommy while Breighton and Grandma Susie walked down the hill to the water.


I wanted to go down but Mommy opted of the safety of level ground.


Such a cutie!


I got in a few rounds of Hide-and-seek and soon we headed home, back to Poland! 🙂


Teething Again

Today I have been a TOTAL grump. I am working on cutting a molar but it is refusing to break through. I was up for 3 hours last night and finally Mommy got me back to sleep by snuggling with me and nursing me until the sun came up. What a long night! Hopefully this tooth gets through soon!

4th of July Parade… a Week Early!

Today we went to the Strawberry Festival at the local church and then to the Poland Township 4th of July parade. They do all the festivities early so they get a break in the cost of the fireworks. We lined up at 6:45 for a parade. The parade started at 7pm.


I was being goofy while waiting for the parade to come by.


I got a little hungry too!


Mommy caught me some candy and I got to have my FIRST lollipop! And my second and third and forth! hehe I liked them.


Hanging tight onto my loot!


This is a small town crowd for a small town parade! 🙂 I enjoyed it a lot.


Unwrapping lollipop #4! 🙂


After the parade we enjoyed some walking in the nice soft grass.


I tried to roll down the hill but Mommy and Grandma didn’t like the idea that I had lollipop #4 in my mouth and wouldn’t give it up.


I ran for another minute and was told to go sit down!


Okay, I will sit, but only if i can finish my lollipop. Mmmmmm lollipop!