What is a Florida boy to do in 58F weather?

We hit the mall and enjoyed time at the play area. It didn’t last long as it was soon overrun by camp kids. Oh well, I still got to drive the little car.


Mommy took Breighton and me to Boardman Park for some outside time. It was cold (58F)and wet but we had a nice nature walk in the woods. We saw LOTS of birds, squirrels and possibly a fox?


That afternoon after nap time I fed the squirrels their corn-on-the-cob. It was VERY important that I brushed it off and made it really clean for them.


Of course, we feel them in the DIRT! 🙂


The neighbor girl brought over some of her Ohio Tree Frogs to show Breighton. I was totally fascinated with them.


She even let me hold them. I was really gentle. But I did freak out when one jumped onto my shirt.


I can’t wait to have pets like Breighton does. But I think I will be happy with the stuffed kind that doesn’t jump on you for right now.

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