Tummy Yuckies

After Breighton’s birthday party I was so tucked out I went right to bed. I took a near three hour nap. When I woke up I was just fine. We ran a few errands and I had part of a hotdog and pizza at COSTCO. No one felt like cooking after the long morning. We were on the way home from the grocery store and I threw up all over the car. Mommy and Daddy figured it was something I ate of got into at the party. Well, I kept throwing up… ALL night long. Mommy stayed up with me and just rocked me and snuggled until I was able to lay back in bed. Then the tummy ache would start all over. It was a VERY long night. By morning I was hungry but Mommy would only let me nurse a few minutes and then I would get MAD. By lunchtime I was keeping liquids down.

I was feeling a lot better after my nap and then we went to Arigato for a birthday celebration. I was SO cranky because I was still exhausted. I came right home and went to bed. I am feeling a TON better now! 🙂

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