Big Brother Turns FOUR!

I was totally amped up for Breighton’s forth birthday! I enjoyed playing with the sidewalk chalk and blowing bubbles while the big kids were the the “lab”.


Thanks Grandpa Howie for taking so many GREAT photos! I was such a happy boy.


But a little sad that I wasn’t really allowed to play with the big kids.


Plus Mommy put these silly new shoes (Breighton’s old ones) on my feet. I am used to my Robies and these things were weird feeling. I eventually managed to get them both off.


Then I snuck in the lab. I mixed a little with Mommy and helped dump a few things and then was whisked away to the safety of the drive-way.


Breighton and I shared a bag of gummies and drew on the sidewalk a bit. Thanks Grandma Susie and Grandma Jo for helping keep track of me! 🙂


Grandma Jo washing me up after I got all yuckie. I REALLLLLLLY don’t like to have dirty hands!


My neat lab-coat that Mommy made.


Me, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma Susie and Breighton after a long day in the sun.


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