Ohio Vacation Wrap-up

The last day in Ohio Mommy took us to the park for some running and stretching before the long drive home.

I had to follow Breighton around and try everything he was doing.


I got in a little swing time on the little kids playground. We were the only kids at the park because it was so cold!


I didn’t want to ride in the play cars. I saw Breighton playing in these little holes that were filled with water. So I just sat down and tried to figure out what I was supposed to do. I started sticking mulch in and eventually got bored and wandered off.


We found my favorite tire swing and got in one last ride.


After nap we played in the backyard again. I helped Grandma Susie pick up the Lake Erie rocks that were around a tree and relocate them to the window well.


I was awesome at picking up the rocks.


Now you want me to do WAHT with them???


Okay, this is fun! I like climbing in the window well! 🙂


Getting in some last snuggles with Grandma Susie.


A big hug from Great Grandma Barbara! 🙂 [Can you see the bruise on my head from my “episode” yesterday!??]


I had a LOT of fun in Ohio and really hope I get to go back this summer.

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