Donner Lake

I enjoyed my trip to see Uncle Matt and Grandpa John. I did NOT like flying because I could not get my ears to clear and they drove me crazy. Although I did enjoy playing “stick my tongue out and spit” with the stewardess!!!

I had a really neat octagonal pack-and-play to sleep in at Uncle Matt’s. It gave me a TON of room to flop around… although I ended up with Mommy most of the night anyway.

I got to see snow. Here is Mommy lugging me around wile making sure Breighton was trying to give Uncle Matt a heart attack with his crazy running and pulling.

Happy with my Mommy for snuggles.

Starting to get chilly.

Mommy wanted a picture of Breighton and me. Daddy only got off one shot.

And at the top…what a view…

Heading back towards the car…Mommy was tuckered from lugging me all over.

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