No Sleep Til…Poopies!

So last night I was tucked into bed at 7pm and Mommy crashed around 9:30. At 10:30 I woke up screaming my head off. I am thrashing around in my bed a lot. Mommy check my diaper, tried to feed me, re-gave me tylenol and then rocked me for about 30 minutes. I would NOT calm down. Finally I started to fall asleep and then I had a wet diaper, then another wet diaper and then one ore for good measure. Mommy tried snuggling in her bed but that didn’t work. I jut thrashed more or played with her hair or bopped her in the face with my binki. Finally she gave up and put me in my room and said cry it out for a while. It took about 45 minutes of her checking in on me and I finally fell back asleep only to wake up screaming 10 minutes later with a very FULL icky diaper from the antibiotics. Finally at 2:00am (OVER THREE HOURS LATER) Mommy got me back to sleep. I was up 3 more times before 8am. UGH! SOmething still isn’t right with my world. The antibiotics are tearing my tummy to pieces.

Today Grandpa John, Olga and Michael came up to visit. Daddy picked up bar-b-que and we all sat down for a meal. Big Brother excused himself from the table and put poopie in his underwear so Mommy had to go clean that up. She got back to the table and went to feed me another bite of “rice cereal” and noticed that I was covered in “sweet potato”… HMMM? Mommy is very tired and it took a few seconds to process before she jumped up and wheeled me to the sink and started stripping me and giving me a bath. The antibiotics are NOT agreeing with me and I am having LOTS of bowel movements. Finally Mommy got everything cleaned up and ate her lunch.

I had a nice time with my Grandpa and Olga. It was a short visit for me because I went down for a nap but I enjoyed playing and showing off. Plus it is hard to compete with Breighton since the world lately revolves around him (which throws Daddy off balance too!).

Hopefully I start to feel a bit better soon. This tummy ache thing is really irritating. Plus I am still rubbing at my ear.

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