So, as many of you know, I have not been sleeping well at ALL lately. Last week, at my six month doctor visit, we opted to delay my shots for a week because I was still sniffly and coughy. So Mommy has been doing a lot of observing since then and was eager to get me back to the doctor this week. She noted:

  • Every time I have a wet diaper I scream bloody-murder.
  • I am refluxing rather badly again.
  • I have been rubbing my ear, as evidence by a few scratches on the earlobe and in the ear itself.

Well, Mommy went armed with information to the doctors office on Thursday. She can’t take my only sleeping 1-2 hours at a time and barely napping. The doctor checked me out and my lungs, throat and diaper area all were fine. My ears, however, are a different story. Both ears had a large amount of ear wax buildup. The right ear wasn’t too bad and the doctor got it all out quickly. The left ear required ear drops to loosen the wax and then a good irrigation. Finally a HUGE (about the size of two eraser heads) piece of wax and puss came out. The doc checked in my ear again (as I screamed bloody murder) and he noted that I have a perforated ear drum.

So now I am back on my reflux meds. I am also on ear drops for the perforation and antibiotics for the ear infection. GO ME! Plus Mommy & Daddy are giving me tylenol to ease the pain for a few days until the other meds all kick in. Last night I slept from 7pm until midnight, nursed and then slept with only two minor wake-ups until 7am. After we dropped Breighton off at camp I took a 3 hour nap!

I am WAY happier! Still a bit cranky but remarkably happier. I still don’t have a terribly strong appetite but I am getting better. Nursing is hard when your ear hurts!

Hopefully I am on the road to feeling better and sleeping better. Mommy needs so sleep, she is going ga-ga on the little sleep she gets.

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