Okay, so my sitting up is getting MUCH better. I am rolling all over and then tucking my foot under my belly and then sitting straight up! Mommy and Daddy think it is really cute. Big brother is enjoying me more since I am MUCH more interactive. He is sharing really well with me and tolerating my new mobility. New mobility, eh? YUP! I am up on my knees and launching myself around the room. I have perfected “commando crawl” and am learning that my feet, knees and arms all can work together. Today I climbed over Mommy’s legs and lap and then rolled off to get to a crawling position and go stick my hand in her pancakes and maple syrup! AWESOME! I am loving that I can get all over.

So by all definitions, I am crawling. You should see me scoot around the room and giggle with glee. Mommy & Daddy said pictures ARE coming soon. We had a minor set-back today when Big Brother dumped coffee into the sump of the fish tank (see his blog for that nightmare).

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