Mommy is happy and sad today

Big brother is in summer camp for a few weeks so I am getting a LOT of Mommy time. I have a dedicated blanket on the floor (queen sized quilt) because apparently the carpet was making my eczema flair up. Well, Mommy has been putting me in a sitting position for the last few days and I am LOVING it. I greatly enjoy batting at my toys and reaching for new things. Mommy tucked me in to bed tonight and I rolled right to my side and closed my eyes. A few minutes later I was screaming and Mommy came to check on me. Low and behold, I WAS SITTING UP IN BED!!!! Mommy giggled with joy and then sighed. I am also starting to pull my knees under my tummy and lunge forward. Mommy thinks I will be crawling within a few weeks!  I can already roll all over the place and scoot backwards VERY well. Soon Mommy will be chasing me all over! hehe

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