Everybody POOPS!

Thanks for all of the well wishes on my bowel movements. In case you didn’t know I haven’t had a poopie since last Saturday!!!! Lots of suggestions and support helped as I worked through this difficult part of my life. Kinda scary to think that a digestive system is just that effective. Also good to know that breast-fed babies may only go once every 10 days or so! Well, today marked 7 days for me. Almost to the minute of 7 days I tucked my legs up and exploded! Mommy said she did NOT like that diaper and just gave me a bath instead. Daddy ran for the hills claiming he was “busy!” He did poke his head in the bathroom long enough to gasp and runnnnnnn!

I feel SOOOOOOO much better! Probably at least 1.5 lbs lighter… but happy!

2 thoughts on “Everybody POOPS!”

  1. This made me laugh. Nicholas would go 7 days without a bowel movement and then have three that would make up for it! I had to put cloth diaper covers over his disposables to help catch the mess but normally it just required a bath! LOL Oh how I miss those days! (that was sarcasm…I am just a short time before I have NO kids in diapers)


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