7 Weeks and growing…

My eyes are open more now during the day. My personality is starting to shine through… and boy am I grumpy!!! I always look so serious and angry. Mommy said I smile when I am curled up with her napping.


I like to hold onto things now. I inherited Breighton’s telephone rattle.


I still like to fall asleep on Mommy. I actually sleep so much better when touching her.


But when she keeps snapping pictures and moving around I get mad and stare her down.


In other news… for THREE nights now I have slept in my bassinet ON MY BACK! Mommy took me off the reflux meds and I am actually doing rather well. Other than when I play major piggy and want to nurse every 45 minutes and then spit up what didn’t fit! Mommy & Daddy are very happy that I am doing MUCH better with the reflux. YEAH!

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