Busy Times November and December mix

We have been having a great time lately. I enjoyed a few trips to the AtHome store with Mom and Grandma. We all loved the aisles and aisles of pillows.

I have been busy with archery and 4-H. We had the state indoor match and fun at the club level, too. Forest ecology also kicked off in late November too we are meeting our new teammates and learning all about tress again. We also had a holiday party and went caroling at the Florida Botanical Gardens. We have been busy busy!

We have been decorating for Christmas as well. Putting up the tree is always a long process but so much fun to talk about all the ornaments and memories they bring on.

We have been spending the cooler days at Busch Gardens and enjoying the low crowds. I am looking forward to spring when the crowds are low again and we can come back and enjoy our quiet days.

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