Farm City Day and Tarantulas!

Today was Farm City Day at Heritage Village. Every year 4-H comes out and helps run the event with carnival type games for the kids. B helped Mom make some games for our club this year. He is a good club helper. We both ran the table and helped wherever else we were needed. B helped the Farm Bureau and the event coordinator set up tables, chairs and anything else that needed done. He hauled pies and didn’t eat any!

We had a fun time playing the games and teaching kids how to play. My favorite part, however, was break time with homemade shakes bag ice cream. It was a wee bit salty!

When the reinforcement shift arrived we packed up and headed to Tampa for Replicon. I have been dying to get a new tarantula. I finally found one that I loved. He is super friendly and loves to be held! Right now it is very small but will grow to about 5 inches.

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