4-H Craziness

It has been a few crazy weeks of 4-H activities to kick off the year. Entomology club is already rocking for the year. We are working on learning to pin various insects. We have several new youth this year so it is a lot of fun helping them get up to speed. Mom, Grandma Susie and I went to a talk at Brooker Creek on galls. I asked Mom if we could have the speaker come to our club meeting some time. Mom asked and it is a go for October or November.

We attended Family Science Night at SPC Tarpon as well. We saw all the various vendors, pet alligators, made circuits and saw an amazing science show.

Up next was a day at Marine Quest School Days. It is super hard to get into this event but Mom manages every year to figure it out. We had an excellent rotation this year and learned a lot about HABs (harmful algae blooms), fish count monitoring, cells and the functions of their parts and much more.

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