End of Summer Madness

We have been busy all summer with lots of fun adventures, chores and silliness. I am helping more and more. I helped Mom catch up the front garden and mulch a bit. It looks much better now. I am still working on math over the summer to get ahead. B and I keep working on out insect collections to make sure we don’t fall behind. We went to a great program on snakes at Brooker Creek Preserve. I loved holding all the snakes. I got to go to a cake decorating class for 3 days at Joanns. I loved my piped puppy dog. I also make pirate cookies. And monster cupcakes, my favorite. B had camp the next week so I got to hang with Mom all week. We went and walked around the sponge docks in Tarpon Springs. I enjoyed my flaming cheese and tiramisu.  We had some fun family DnD games. Lots of bowling. This was my go to activity when B wasn’t around. I made a bowl for my hamsters at Art From the Heart in Dunedin. More bowling! Helping make dinner. I love the feel of chicken. I am weird. Ukulele fun with Grandma Susie. Making treats. Family bowling with Dad.  We did some yard work at the Ochs property to get things tidy for the year. We have a new gate! We can access the field so much quicker now and not have to drag everything all the way around. I made an end of summer surprise marble cake. It cake out great but it was way too much food coloring! We had fun at the Tarpon Springs Replay Museum. Lots of classic games and TONS of pinball!

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