Bug Camp at UF 2019

I just loved bug camp so much this year. I learned a lot and really want to keep learning more and more. We were happy to have Dr. Baldwin back at camp this year. I love all the staff but she is my favorite. What a great group of people! We had a big combined age group this year. There were lots of college student helpers as well.
I really enjoyed the Santa Fe River trip. The water was so wonderful because it was super hot outside! We caught a lot of hellgrammites again this year. The bees were so much fun for me. I didn’t like the bee suit at first but then realized how much it protected me. So excited to work the hives. We got to see several hives in action. I loved working with Sebastian to see the bees. I wasn’t brave enough to hold the frame but he was, so I got a good look!  I learned how to hot knife the honey. YUM! I think I ate my share and more! Learning how to use the decapper too. It was fun in the urban pest lab as well. We learned all about cat fleas with Professor Koehler, the cat flea god! Look alt all those egg casings for fleas!!!! I loved holding the hissers.

Dissection was NOT my favorite but I did enjoy it. The smell was a bit overpowering for me.  I did a great job but ick! We walked over to the Florida State Collection of Arthropods for a tour. It is just about 3 blocks from the UF campus. We got to tour the facility and get a sneak peak into the collections. What an amazing day! Sadly, cam came to an end. I had my ups and downs at camp but I learned a lot, made friends and had a blast! I can’t wait for next summer! 

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