Sylvan Lake Hiking

Our plans didn’t work out as such but we had a fun time hiking around the lake. We were going to hike a different trail but it was closed and impassable due to snow and standing water. We did find lots of snow to play in. If you stepped really hard your feet and knees went under and you were standing in a wet puddle!  B made a little snowman. I scoped out some options for an alternate hike. No one wanted to climb under the rocks as the snow was melting. Probably a good idea! I got hot and had the idea of snow on my head! It helped a lot! Mom and B followed suit! It helped a lot! If you look carefully you can see B and I climbing up to the top of the rocks for our lunch spot. Mom got up ahead up us because we walked down to the water to skip rocks for a bit. On the final leg of the loop we ran into a guy we talked to earlier. He started a snowball fight with us! Totally random but we had fun! He showed us how to pack the snowballs really tight to get good distance!  Drying off and cooling off at the lake before heading back. We stopped and fed the burros on the way back to the campground to get Dad. For dinner we opted to do the chuckwagon cookout. We rode in the covered wagons in the pouring rain while listening to Keith tell stories and sing mountain songs. I always request Ghost Riders and B always requests Home on the Range.  Thankfully there was shelter for dinner and yummy food to stuff our faces with. Our photo with Mr. Keith. We fist did this when I was 5 or 6 so we have lots of photos with him now. 

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