Prepping to Leave for Vacation

Breighton has been taking classes at the Tarpon Campus of SPC so Mom and I get to hang out and wait since it is silly to drive home. Today we went exploring and found donuts. SO many donuts! I picked some Emoji Donuts and others. I really liked them but still kind of prefer Publix maple glazed. We went back to campus to walk around and there was an Earth Day event. I planted lucky bamboo, bean seeds, learned about some of the campus clubs and then snuggled a breaded dragon for nearly an hour while we waited for Breighton to finish with an extra study session for his final test. The next day we had our end of the year party for 4-H. This year went ice skating! We had so much fun. I am going to miss our regular club as we transition to the new archery program full time next year.  The next day we went to the laser tag place for Ellis’ birthday party. Hard to believe little Ellis is 8! Not so little anymore.  Mom took us to see a the Avengers movie at the Cinema Cafe. We arrived super early to make sure we got good seats. We got a bit goofy while waiting. We were acting out fight scenes but pretending to be scared. We came home to a frog on the motorhome! B got him off and then went to show me and it hopped into the garage. B had to go study for a final so Mom and I played HUNT THE FROG for an hour. After moving two shelves of tile we finally found the little bugger and released him back to the outside world.

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