More March Madness

We ended up boon docking at the Newberry Sports Complex since Mom’s foot is still injured. She had to volunteer on the back range but got twitch us shoot on the front. B, Maleah and I were all next to each other so we kept chatting. Ellis found ways to keep busy and have a fun time. He improved Breighton’s scores.
I got 1st in my division. I shot really well again. I am excited to move up next year to the intermediate level. Goofy group!

Mom had surgery to remove the pencil part, but they couldn’t find it! UGH! I thought this was HILARIOUS! Mom is back to archery as we wrap up our year. I am excited for the growing club next year. Oh. more hamsters! B went to Latin State with Mom and I hung out at Grandma’s house. We went to Tarpon springs and I picked out some pretty nautilus shells and then we went and had lunch, more fun to play with than to eat, it was rubbery.  The new archery targets have arrived, this will be EPIC! Mom is getting around on a knee scooter, we thing it is funny to make a giant wall to protect her. Oh boy we are FUNNY!

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