Gainesville for a Week of Fun

We opted for a weeklong getaway to Paynes Prairie just south of Gainesville. We got settled in at the campsite and found an AWESOME rotting log right next to the campsite. We changed our April reservation site to be in this same site! We found lots of cool insects to observe.  We went to the Hippodrome for a hillarious holiday play called : Every Christmas Story Ever Told and then Some. We laughed so hard! I loved the entrance way to the building. The next day we went to the Santa Fe Teaching Zoo. It was cold out! Luckily the animals were really active since it was feeding time. Up next was the Florida Natural History Museum to look at the butterflies and collections room (through the window). We checked out the traveling exhibit on dinosaurs and ran into our photographer friend, Mr. Tedd. He told us a lot of great information and we chatted about our travels to make different geological sites around the country. No trip into Gainesville is complete without some time in the NATL. It was chilly so it was not a productive time. Back at PP we found some really cool frogs on the same plant we always find them on! We look every visit! We think we finally saw a bison. It may have been a huge wild boar. We stopped off to see Aunt Kim and B and I needed to get the wiggles out so we walked to the playground. Mom found a last minute field-trip to the UF Entomology building. We happily joined in to boost their numbers and enjoyed seeing some of our favorite sites. The red room at the new bee building finally had a hive in it. Mr. Clayton was the outreach coordinator for the event so it was nice to see a familiar face. Holding a vingaroon. We even had time to hunt in the NATL. As usual I spent the time helping others and what I did catch I ended up releasing. I did find this cool caterpillar of a greater purple hairstreak. But we had no way to rear it due to lack of a proper food source so I released it back where I found it, after I watched it wander around the table for a while. The indoor archery tournament wrapped up our little vacation. I shout amazingly well. I got a 220/300! I ended with first place but I was sad because there was no-one else in my bow class so I felt I didn’t earn it. Mom said if I had shot in the unsighted class I would have won that based on my score. So my goal is to outshoot the unsighted recurves, which I did. So I was happy after that. 

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