Marine Quest and a New Tree

We went to Marine Quest again with our 4-H club this year. We got a lot of the same rotation but they had new material to learn. I loved the microscopes just like last time.  The ducks werent my favorite but it was still neat. I have done the shark lab a few times but always just enjoy seeing the sharks. They had a fun carnivorous plant display this year! I think this was my favorite display! We watched Little Shop of Horrors when we got home and I turned myself into Audry II. “I am mean. I am green. I am HUNGRY!” We went back the next day to Marine Quest and St Petersburg Science Festival. We had a fun time with the crafts.I learned about ocean depths and how to determine the landscape from above water. I got to climb up on the jetski equipped with the gear to check the depths for graphing and plotting charts. On the way home we stopped at Roberts Christmas Tree World and found a new tree this year.

We came home to a snuggly Thunder who watched inquisitively as we put up the tree. 

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