Pumpkin Shooting at 4-H and STEM fair at SPC

I absolutely love when Mom brings in fun targets for us to shoot at! This week we shot at pumpkins for Halloween! 
Over the weekend we went to SPC Gibbs Campus to see the October Skies planetarium show. This one is always awesome because the professors and staff go all out for Halloween.  I loved all the decorations and then playing with the sound in the room. I love to whisper and be heard all over. It’s creepy! The next day we went to a STEM fest at SPC. It was kind of fun. I tried the rock wall but got nervous.

Marine Quest and a New Tree

We went to Marine Quest again with our 4-H club this year. We got a lot of the same rotation but they had new material to learn. I loved the microscopes just like last time.  The ducks werent my favorite but it was still neat. I have done the shark lab a few times but always just enjoy seeing the sharks. They had a fun carnivorous plant display this year! I think this was my favorite display! We watched Little Shop of Horrors when we got home and I turned myself into Audry II. “I am mean. I am green. I am HUNGRY!” We went back the next day to Marine Quest and St Petersburg Science Festival. We had a fun time with the crafts.I learned about ocean depths and how to determine the landscape from above water. I got to climb up on the jetski equipped with the gear to check the depths for graphing and plotting charts. On the way home we stopped at Roberts Christmas Tree World and found a new tree this year.

We came home to a snuggly Thunder who watched inquisitively as we put up the tree. 

Home and So Busy

We had our annual 4-H awards banquet this weekend. I was awarded Junior 4-H member of the year. I have worked really hard this year! I gave a demonstration at archery club on how to make an atlatl then B and I taught everyone how to use them! Our homemade atl-atlsWe also worked on our holiday wreath for Festival of Trees at the ARC Center. I think it came out pretty good! Mom signed me up for Young Eagles and this time I was brave and stuck with it. I got to ride in the front and even  fly the plane. I dont know what took me so long to try it but I LOVED it! 

The red tide has been horrible lately. Something like over 100 days with bad water. Today wasn’t too bad and the wind was blowing so we visited Honeymoon Island for a few hours to look for shells and enjoy the not as stinky air!  We got home and sorted through the huge coca-cola bottle of change for wheat pennies. No luck! Mom thinks we are all lazy! Maybe she was just mad she didn’t get to sit down too! 

Disney Cruise 2018

We took a week long cruise to the Western Caribbean on the Disney Fantasy. The weather was beautiful when we left port but we hit some big seas when traveling. Mom was a little green a few days but survived. I had lots of mac and cheese. Grandma Susie and her friend Nina, from Boston, joined us. It made mealtime fun to have extra people. We didn’t see them much on the cruise but found them daily to check in and say hello! I loved going to the shows each night. Some of the comedians and magicians were amazing and some not. One guy tried to see how many times he could climb through a toilet seat, memorable but really honesty not funny. I loved my freedom this cruise. I got to go to the tween club this time and if B was hanging with his new friend I just went and wandered the ship by myself. This was HUGE! I made sure I was at every animation cell class. These were my favorite. We got dressed nice for dinners. I loved all the halloween decorations on the ship. One night B was grumpy and wanted to go hang with friends so I rode the aquaduck 10 times in a row! It was empty! Probably because it was chilly out! The ports were all fun, except Grand Cayman, it rained and we didn’t get to go snorkeling. I became a shuffleboard pro! If you didn’t finish your dessert there was no worry. I would do it for you! Grandma Susie and NinaB being nice for a change. Just kidding he is always nice, we just love to torture each other. Silly fun! I also lived on Mickey waffles. More halloween decorations. In Jamaica I found cool plant parts. I never did figure out what it was from but I really liked it. I bought a wooden scorpion! I even talked to the vendor myself! Pirate Night Mom and Dad went to Remy for dinner and we went with Grandma Susie and Nina. Nina made us these cool bandanas. Halloween night! Well, not the real Halloween, but the ships Halloween. We dressed in our Steampunk costumes since they were easy to pack. The last day at Castaway Cay! The water was warm and the snorkeling was superb. Our tradition of watching the towels come back on the ship! That’s a LOT of towels!