Fun Sail Fun

We had a great time at Fun Sail today. I loved riding on the larger boats. We had a fun trip around the intercostal. When I waited for a paddle board to free up I found lots of sea creatures. Then I was off on the paddle board! I was all over the place. Mom was really impressed with how well I got the handle of it. From my vantage point I could see the marine life better. I found some HUGE conchs and whelks! I jumped in and fished them out and brought them in for everyone to see. The horse conch was massive. I took good care of it and made sure it was in the water. The other kids wanted to see and touch it. I protected it and let them touch gently. When I felt they had had enough I grabbed the paddle board and headed back out to release my creatures away from little hands. Good timing too as a huge storm pushed in and the called everyone in off the water. We had a great day. I really needed the salt therapy! Home and cleaned up and being goofy as normal! Night-Night on my head with a lego track holding it on. It was my hat for the evening.

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