National Cornbread Festival 4-H Contest

We arrived early int he morning back at the festival. We parked in the designated lot on my fancy parking pass. We left everything in the car and went to explore and figure out where I needed to check in and all the details. We stopped to watch a demo on corn grinding. It was quite a unique machine and it worked really fast! We went by the Lodge store and bought a lot of new skillets and other things for the kitchen. I picked out a wolf skillet and one that was from this years festival. I got checked in and they gave me a huge bag of Lodge swag. I love my apron! It even has my name on it! We had a pancake breakfast and spent some time relaxing until it was time for me to report to the stage for cooking. I set up my station. It was quite chilly in the shade. I turned my oven on to start it to heat up. A few final checks and I was all set to go. We started with a little introduction and got the instructions for the contest. I was nervous but kept calm. Off and baking. The longest 10 minutes of my life as I followed my directions, talked to the judges and made sure that the oven was working correctly. I couldn’t get the burner going and finally they found me someone that could help me. All done and in the oven. The oven was warming up like it should. The other kids items were coming up done and mine was no where near done. I got upset and with a little guidance from Mom was able to pull myself together. It cooked in the time limit but barely. Some of the other ovens were pre-heated due to an earlier cooking demo. Mine was on the end in the wind and cold. It just was super slow to heat for a gas range! Oh well. Coming together a few hours later for the final awards. Since there were multiple heats in the contest we had to wait a little while since I was in the first one. I didn’t win but I had a fun time trying. I learned a lot about gas ranges, speaking to judges and staying on track. The photo of our heat. My final product! Decompressing back at the campground. Blowing dandelions. Identifying different trees. Running as fast as I could to wear myself out.

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