Giant Cookie and Earth Day Fun

We had to run to Orlando for an errand and opted to stop at Disney Springs for a quick meal. We tried the Polite Pig and really enjoyed the food. After our meal we got these int chocolate chip cookies that you can only get at 4pm daily. They are super limited in supply!

This Sunday was Earth Day. We went to Honeymoon Island for a morning of beach exploring and critter catching. The tides were perfect and we were able to catch all sorts of critters in the grass beds. B caught a huge arrow crab. I caught fish, hermit crabs, urchins and more. We were the only ones on the beach for nearly 2 hours! When it started to get busy we packed up and left. On the way out we stopped at the Earth Day celebration. We saw some park staff we knew and talked with them about marine life for a while. We made shell necklaces and other crafts. B and I dominated Marine Jeopardy. I even corrected one of their questions! They did a quick Google search and I was correct. It was a fun morning of beach and learning.

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