Science, Snacks, Parades and Fairs… Oh MY!

It was a beautiful day for playing outside. We knocked off school early and went out and made a solar balloon we had sitting around. I filled it with air and tied it off. We tied a string to one end and waited. The sun heated the air and it eventually starting floating. So cool! We eventually tied it to the mailbox and laughed as people drove by staring at our giant floating trash bag! This weekend was the Florida State Fair. We enjoyed a morning of donuts, animals and fair fun! I always enjoy the butter making and the OJ making stations. We also attended the Mardi Gras parade in Dunedin. Our friend, Ms. Gail, lives on the parade route so we sit in her front yard. We had a great time shouting and screaming for beads. I kept sneaking my leg under the barricade to get the ones people missed. When the parade was over the police officer gave me permission to cross the barricade and pick up stuff in the street. I wandered about 1/4 mile down the road picking up everything! Every one was laughing at me. But I got so so many beads! My haul!

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