Another busy 4-H week

We had archery class on Monday with Dad. We are all getting so much better! Wednesday was our regular club and we invited another club to join us. We had youth doing teaching this week so we had a busy educational part of the meeting. We went out to the docks to fish and the tide was so low that there was really no place to fish. We gave it the 4-H try and then called it quits. Thursday we drove up to Oleno State Park to camp for the weekend archery match. We had a great time exploring the campground and park. There were a lot of great trails. Some had recently been burned (controlled). We were amazed to learn how much the water level on the river has risen during storms in the past! We visited the Santa Fe Teaching Zoo. The gibbons were hilarious. I also met a parrot, she was named Ernie, that was really funny. She would find and make all sorts of funny motions. I said I was feeling tired and made Dad give me piggy back rides.  Time for the archery match. Yet again I am the only person in my bow class. I am hoping that there is a change in that for the state tournament in March! I really would like to have some competition. I took on a leadership roll and taught the other kids in the group about scoring and what to do. The adults aren’t allowed to help! I shot really well the first round beating out all the other kids in my pack, even the different bow classes! The second round I got a bit too social and lost my focus. I still got 1st place. Not bad for beginners. We had a fun time and can’t wait to come back for the next tournament in February!

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