Turning 10. Happy Birthday!

Mom tucked in this cute little 9 year old for the last time as a nine year old.

Hello birthday! I am not 10! Double digits. I made it to my pre-teen years! Now to just get through them. I am more of an explorer now. I never stop talking. I claim to be shy but am usually the first to speak to new people. I opted for a bounce house and nerf gun party. I didnt really think through how over stimulated everyone would be so I had a few times I had to escape my own party.  Mom made me this nerdy shirt! 🙂 That’s more like it! Goofy little kid! Even the Clearwater Police showed up at the party. This nice officer gave me a bag of candy! I guess that is candy you CAN take from a stranger . We had birthday cake and tons of cotton candy! We were all on sugar highs! The nerf gun battle waged on for hours. Eventually the party came to an end and we had an hour with the bounce house in quiet. We had a lot of fun as a family bouncing and burning off 3 tons of cotton candy!

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