Gainesville Jumping Spiders and Museum

Mom drove B and I up to Gainesville for a trip to the Natural History Museum and to a cool photography class at the UF Entomology Jumping Spider Lab (Taylor Lab).  We spent the morning at the museum. They had a neat specialty exhibit on museum artifacts. Some were really cool.

There were also different scientists from the university rotating through each week and they had different stations set up. We learned about genetics and how to extract DNA from strawberries.

The new kids area is open and I found an incorrect item in the BEETLE collection! 🙂 haha

We walked the NATL (Natural Area Teaching Lab) when we ate lunch and then headed over to the entomology department.

Sam helped us get situated and showed us around the spider lab.

We learned skills and techniques from the main photography of the Natural History Museum. I really enjoyed setting up the habitats for backdrops. 

Here are some of my photos.

Oh yeah, at the end of the class they let us take home some of the non-jumping spider specimens.

My favorite was this shield bug. It was so beautiful! 
A photo B took of me! :) 

What have we been up to lately?

We had to lead a knot typing class for 4-H. We spent hours practicing at home until we could tie all the knots without the directions!


We had a fun fishing day. The best part was that we actually caught fish finally! 

I have been working more on my photography class. This week was animals. I had to take an animal photo and then find another artistic media to recreate photo. I picked clay!

We worked more on our insect collections. The 4-H collections are due in January but we have to get everything done before we go on vacation for Christmas and New Years. 

We helped out at Farm City Day. We talked about fishing, made fish prints and taught kids about fish parts. 

We enjoyed a fun night at the banked track roller derby! It was loud but we laughed and cheered! 

We spent a day in Venice at Caspercian Beach collecting sharks teeth with our friend Zoe, her family, Grandma Susie and Cousin Marilyn.

I demonstrated that I can eat almost the entire Admirals feast at Red Lobster!

We helped Dad to build a new grill.

More photos for class.

More of my Steve Spangler kits.

This is Mom’s favorite photo I have taken. I call is Watching the Yard.

B was tired of being my model so I followed Mom around and made her pose and do silly things for me to photograph.

We took a trip to Orlando for the night to go see la Nouba before it closes in January. We enjoyed the holiday decorations of Disney Springs before the show.

We all LOVED the show! I am so sad it is leaving but eager to find out what new show will replace it!

We are back to shooting archery with 4-H. We had a fun Thanksgiving shoot full of turkeys!

Next photo assignment was more animals but this time selfies!

This is my maple tree I planted two years ago.

This is my bald cypress I planted this year.

We bought a little tree for the motorhome and had to tie on all the decorations so they dont fall off. We will have to move the tree when we drive.

Dad and B went for a walk at the park and I had a fun time not he monkey bars and swings. I didn’t feel like a long walk but I sure burned a lot of calories swinging!

B got a new longboard which means I can ride my bike when he practices riding his board. I have missed riding my bike!

Halloween at Disney

I loved helping decorate our campsite for Halloween. We managed to get a site right near the Trading Post passthrough. We had a fun time scootering all over the campgrounds.

I carved my pumpkin with no help this year. I even took the guts out!

It took me nearly 3 hours to finish my pumpkin!

I was so happy and proud of all my hard work.

I loved the golf cart parade and all of the really creative decorations. I think my favorites were the Moana and the Wall-E carts.

Dad entered a cake eating contest. He didn’t win but it was super fun to watch him shove his face into the cake! Our friend Nick was put int he adult category and didn’t fair much better. It was  LOT of sticky cake!

We enjoyed time int he parks doing our favorite rides. Thankfully we had fast passes for most of them because the lines were a wee big long.

B made us all dizzy not he tea cups. Boy is he getting strong! 

I felt better after a giant cinnamon roll from Gastons!

Tuckered out! We stayed at the parks late to see the night shows at Animal Kingdom and the Avatar rides.

I finally bought the Coke bottle bank from EPCOT! I look forward to filling it with lots of change!

I loved this Mickey pillow too!

I call this BB-Grape! It looked like BB-8 from Star Wars!