Getting Back to Life…

I love our new marine team club this year. We have been having fun trying to catch fish and other critters. I really just like playing in the bait bucket though! Someone caught a puffer fish. I think they look really neat!

I am taking my first FLVS class, photography, this year. I have been having a great time with it and am really learning to use the camera better. I use Mom’s phone for most of my photos.

I was eager to attend the 4-H forest Ecology Clinic in Gainesville this year. I really want to try to get first place this year! Last year I missed it by one point! I hope to do really well! I enjoy learning about different plants and trees. 

I did well in the trial contest. I have a few areas I need to study some more but I am really excited with what I already know! 

We had a fun critter catching day with 4-H. We found all sorts of amazing creatures! 

We got to spend some time with Grandma Susie as Dad was in DC and Mom had to go to Georgia for a 4-H conference. She got to hike out to the Rock Eagle again! 

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