St. Louis Fun

We had to make an overnight stop on the way to St. Louis. We were able to but hunt around the campground and call it an early night. We settled in at the campground in St Louis at the casino. It was a nice campground and very quiet except for the road noise of the highway. We had buffet at the casino one night and it was okay. E ate a lot of shrimp, he now eats shrimp… weird. B ensured that no dessert went untasted! The next morning was out trip to City Museum. The boys have been waiting for several years to come back here. We had an awesome time showing Grandma and Grandpa around inside, outside, above and below the main floors. We got Grandma and Grandpa to try everything we could. You have to really involve yourself in all aspects to really understand this place. We discovered an insect collection we didn’t see last time. E loved the stateless park. Everyone enjoyed some crafting with the Snowflake Lady. The hamster wheel was a hit and a drag. No-one was hurt other than ego. Something caught fire and was smoking so the museum was evacuated. We stood outside waiting for a while. Everything was okay and we got to go back and enjoy the less crowded museum for a few more hours. What a spectacular place to visit. If you haven’t been, you MUST!


Now we enter the long drive home. The summer draws to an end and we dive right back into school and 4-H in 3 days.

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