Harrison, Nebraska Total Eclipse of the Sun

We were up way before sunrise and off in the car from Custer State Park in South Dakota to Agate Fossil Beds in Harrison, Nebraska.

Agate Fossil Beds had a great program and lots of room to stretch out and have our own space to watch the eclipse.

We made solar bracelets and sun prints.

We had out own little spot along the edge of a field. We snacked and talked and passed the time until the eclipse began.

We all enjoyed using our solar glasses to look at the sun.

We were able to watch the progress of the eclipse through the binoculars over a white towel. It was neat to see the crescent shapes get smaller and smaller. It was really amazing to see how quickly the weather changed. The temperature dropped about 10-15 degrees. The crickets started chirping and the bats came out. It got dark really quickly in the minute before totality. During totality you could use binoculars to see the corona of the moon. It was especially bizarre when totality ended and the sun became visible again. The colors were so muted. All the photos had this white light line.

Some photos from David’s camera. This is the morning when we arrived. Setteling in and trying to not look at the sun directly.

Shadows became fuzzy during the eclipse. If you looked through tree shadows you could see small crescent shapes too. It was all surreal.

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