Glacier NP USA Post 4



The next morning we were up early and off towards Canada again. Dad stayed behind for a long work day. It is about a 2.5 hour drive through Glacier and up into Waterton Lakes in Canada. Mom got car sick and then was promoted to driver (she never gets car sick when driving oddly). Out first major stop was Red Rock Canyon. Grandma and Grandpa hiked along the rim of the canyon. Mom and the boys opted for the adventure path right through the canyon. The rock was amazing in color and layering. The rocks were slippery and some places you had to pretend you were a mountain goat to pass through successfully.

With some teamwork this area was successfully passed through. However where Mom stood taking the photo was a much easier path! But the boys wanted the challenge. As we walked along there were less and less people until eventually it was just us. It was so peaceful in the canyon.  On the hike out Emmerson fell off the cliffs not once but twice. He survived unscathed but upset he slipped and had a wet foot.

We spent the next few hours driving around he park exploring. We spotted a grizzly bear up in the hills and a fox ran across the road in front of us. Then we encountered range cattle EVERYWHERE. Those lovely HUGE range cattle left big plops in the road that were fun to navigate around at 50kmh.

We visited the Prince of Wales hotel and took in the amazing vista from behind the hotel. What a breathtaking sight! Akamina Lake boasts some of the warmest water in the Canadian Rockies but we didn’t go swimming! The boys skimmed or tossed rocks while the adults enjoyed the view.

On the way back we swung down to Many Glacier in US Glacier NP. We were as impressed after some of the glaciers we had seen in Rainer and Jasper. We headed home and relaxed for the evening.

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