Kootenay and Radium Hot Springs



We drove back through the smoke today in Kootenay National Park headed to Radium Hot Springs. Driving through Sinclair Canyon with the motorhome was a tight squeeze. We explored the welcome center and Redstreak Campground after setting up at a private campground called Canyon RV. The boys loved the campground since there was a stream running through the middle they could go down and explore.

We visited the hot springs in the evening. We started in the hot pool and opted to explore the cooler pool for a bit. Grandam, Grandpa, Dad and Breighton went back to the hot pool rather quickly and left Mom and Emmerson in the cool pool. Emmerson was enjoying the slides into the pool. He went one more time before he wanted to go to the hot springs to warm up.

On the way up the slide he stepped on a yellow jacket and it stung the bottom of his foot. He screamed in pain and had pool side medics there quickly with ice and sting stop. Emmerson insisted that culprit be apprehended so Mom went off to look for the wasp. He was found and photographed for scientific purposes. Soon after, we carried Emmerson out and headed back to camp. So the hot springs laster about 15 minutes! After ice and medication his foot felt much better.

The big horn sheep just wander the roads in town. They have the right of way!

Mom made a friend with a cat while she was doing laundry one evening. The cat followed her all over the place. 

In the morning Emmerson was feeling better but not up for long hikes yet. We worked on their XPlorers books and revisited the Hot Springs to do a few activities. We didn’t swim this time! We walked up a hill to a gazebo and then on to more red chairs and a great overlook of the hot springs below. We hiked a short trail at Olive Lake.

The boys spent the evening playing around with their insect collections that are traveling with them. It has been a nice break for Mom and Dad in Canada without insect collections. We are looking forward to the boys collecting again once we get to Montana.

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