Banff Area Post 3

The next day was sans Dad. He stayed behind to work as we explored Yoho National Park. We started off with the spiral tunnels. We waited about 30 minutes for a train to pass through. It was interesting to see them spiral up the hillsides through the tunnels to gain elevation (in this case loose as the train was going the opposite way). Breighton has fun timing the trains passing through the tunnels. It took 2 min and 45 seconds to enter and leave. There were 147 cars and 4 engines (two up front, one in the middle and one pusher) on the train we saw.

We headed up to Takkakaw Falls. The road up is very specific about no vehicles over 21 feet as there are tight switchbacks. We saw a 35’ travel trailer stuck that was trying to figure its way out. The falls is supposedly the tallest in North America boasting 935ft of water fall. We hiked out to the bottom of the falls and enjoyed the moisture of the spray in the cool smoke free air! Some time along the river checking the temperature and speed.

We visited the Field Welcome Center in Yoho and quickly completed our books to earn the dog tag for Yoho. The center hosted a fossil display from eh Burgess Shale Fossil Beds. We enjoyed seeing all the samples and taking rubbings of many.

Out last stop of the day was at Natural Bridges. It was where the river carved holes into the rocks. It was very pretty and crowded. We watched seveal large logs that came over the falls and were stuck in a whirlpool. We cheered and hollered hoping they would work their way out of the spinning waters. We passed a good hour watching and cheering. No luck as the logs seemed to be forever stuck!

On the way into the campground that evening we saw 3 large bucks along the road. The boys scootered around he campground to burn off some energy and Mom curled up in the hammock and called it a day!

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