Through Texas and Colorado


Two LONG days of driving. We were on the road for nearly 12 hours one day and 14 the next.  A quick look out the front window at the wide open nothingness and the back window at our tail-gunner!  We tried making chicken in the Joule. It was a bit wiggly and bouncy but the meal turned out great and was a welcome delight after the long driving.

The first stop was north of Dallas, Tx. It was a nice a nice place to park at Wichita Bend RV Park for the night. An unexpected surprise, dear sweet Zoe and Dawn just HAPPENED to be in Dallas! They came over to visit at the campground for a few hours. The boys were extremely excited for this surprise!

More driving in wide open nothingness of our Great Plains of the US. We arrived in Fort Collins, Colorado for a one night stop. We left really early and pushed hard on the drive since the Fort Collins KOA campground had lots of activities included with the overnight stay.

The caterpillars seem to be doing well. Do caterpillars get car sick? hmmm.

The boys enjoyed a massive playground, a huge slide (they both chickened out!), the bouncy pad, roping Mom into a peddle car ride, tooling around the lake in a paddle boat (a dragon of course), and some fighting bumper boat action! We were all EXHAUSTED and hit the pillows hard.

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