Insects, Owls and More plus 4th of July

I have been working really hard on my bug collection just like Breighton. I was so excited to find out I had to have at LEAST 10 and not just 10! I was having such a hard time fiddling it all down.

Our bug obsession rolled into Home Depot with a bug cage kids build!

My final collection easy to go to the state contest.

We spent the afternoon worth with our io moth caterpillars. We relocated them to a better hatchery and changed out the leaf litter and gave them new branches. We did let a few of the smaller ones go since we don’t need so many.

The owls are getting bigger. They have ear tufts now too!



We spent the 3rd of July watching baseball and fireworks with family. It was a fun night and a great fireworks show.


ON the 4th we used up the rest of the fireworks from a few years ago. Many were duds due to humidity but most worked. It was all stuff that stayed not he group like smoke balls, snakes and poppers.

I don’t enjoy loud noises so I wore hearing protection.


These things were cool but I like the old pull string confetti shooters better.



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