Fun week and Art of the Brick

We had a great time at Honeymoon Island hunting for shells and walking along the north beach area. Things have changed a lot since we were last here. 

We found some great shells and pieces of great shells and then visited the nature center to identify all of them. It was a lot of fun.

We made a LOT Of slime in the afternoon when it was raining.

Dad got back from DC in the evening. Mom’s lap was home to two cats and a ME!

I helped Dad make a German Chocolate cake. It came out really good. I decided i now like coconut.

Oh I also found this rock at the Pinellas County Extension Office when we were down for a 4-H Meeting this week.

We are busy raising io moth caterpillars. We got them friend a friends house. We have to feed them new plants each day.

We also visited Art of the Brick. It was an amazing collection of Lego items. I was really impressed that one person did all of these!

This one is called The Eye. It was one of my favorites. From up close it is people walking by ignoring each other. But from far away it is an eyeball!

This one was funny too!

There was even a massive dinosaur!

The artist took real painting and inserted lego objects. This one is a red umbrella made of legos.

And here is the umbrella.

The mop bucket.

Finally HUGMAN!

Can’t leave without a little statue practice.

I was in hysterics of the model of the building we were in with a model of the model. There was even a model inside the model of the model of the building we were in. I think!?

So glad we arrived early and the heat wasn’t TOO bad. The line got really long. Probably because it is summer and the event was FREE!



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