4-H District Events

I have been prepping for weeks. Every day I go over my speech a few times. This year I presented on Invasive Species. My demonstration was logical, orderly and well put together. I overcame a lot of struggles and fears of speaking in front of people. I may have spoken a little softly at the start but I settled in and my personally came through.

Sadly, the judges didn’t see this. I was really hoping for that blue ribbon and even a chance at the medallion and camp scholarship. I got a red ribbon. I was very sad. I really don’t understand what I didn’t do correctly. I am confused how I got from a near perfect score at county to a red ribbon at districts. I guess I have to wait for the judges sheets to come in.

I told Mom I will try again next year. I thought I did amazing for an 8 year old. I know how hard I worked. I will just have to work harder next time.

Showing B my ribbon.

I was a good sport about it and held my emotions until I got in the car on the way home.

A whole lot of ribbons from our county kids!


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