Forest Ecology Tournament for 4-H in Gainesville

We camped at Paynes Prairie and enjoyed walking out of the trails. My foot was hurting a little so Mom and I turned about at the 2 mile mark.

B and Dad kept going about 5 minutes more and encountered the horses! I was sad to miss them but happy to end the hike a little early.

After lunch we visited the Florida Museum and saw all the butterflies as well as the traveling Frog exhibit.

Then we hiked the trails at NATL and learned more about plants and trees. I am so ready for the contest!

After a long morning of identifying trees at the Forest Ecology contest we had lunch then then met Smokey the Bear with some cool water bottles as take home trinkets.

I got 1st place for my Panther poem in the new state poetry contest! I was so excited!

I managed to get second place in the actual contest. I only missed two questions in the entire contest. One was a hawk which I wrongly identified. The other was a total mistake and I erased one number to correct it and wrote down the totally wrong number in it’s place! OOPS! Next year I plan to work harder and get 1st place! We shall see!

Our team came in 1st place! This was such a surprise to us all!

Pinellas got lots of awards. I think we all worked really hard and learned quite a lot!

We celebrated with ice cream!

Our teams! GO PINELLAS!



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